Unlock blocked sites at your workplace

Open Blocked sites in office, college & school with useful tricks suggested by onlinepapers4u. Many Colleges and office blocked websites for students & workers. But there are many tricks available to access blocked sites. If you searched for “How to Open/Access Blocked Websites“, so many proxy sites & article will come. I have searched many of them and now writing here some of the tricks to “open blocked websites”. Hope some trick will help you to open these sites.

1. Changing the URL Trick

First basic trick which can work for you quickly is “changing the URL trick. This trick sometimes work for some websites. But it might not work for many websites. This trick only work for those websites who host their sites in a VPS or Dedicated Server environment and have an unverified SSL installed for that domain name. So in short what you have to do is :

  1. Go to the address bar of your browser
  2. Instead of typing www.anywebsite.com or https://websiteurl.com, write https://websiteurl.com in address bar.

If the domain has an unverified SSL installed it will show you up a security notice like the website you are going to visit is unverified/untrusted etc. Just click “Proceed Anyway” (in Chrome) or add exception certificate in firefox to proceed to the website.

2. Open Blocked Sites by using Proxy sites

Proxy websites are very famous to surf any website anonymously. You can also open blocked sites by using these proxy sites. This trick is very easy & simple. For this you need to simply open the proxy sites, enter the URL you want to visit and access blocked sites. Some popular proxy sites are:





3. TOR browser

Tor is a “Network of virtual tunnels that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet”. TBB (Tor Browser bundle) network of virtual tunnels, protects your internet activities from being tracked and will allow you to Open blocked sites. Tor is free browser that open blocked sites.


4. HOLA (quick, fast, effective)

Hola extension for Chrome, MAC (Apple), Mozilla Firefox, Windows & Android

Hola UnBlocker is famous free browser extension for chrome to Open Blocked Sites. A free VPN service that open the restricted or Blocked websites by Schools, Government, offices & colleges. You can simply install the extension for chrome and can enable & disable as per your need. Hola is available as a Add-on of  Mozilla Firefox and MAC Operating system. You can also download it for your android and windows. Hola is ad free service and comparatively fast to access blocked sites.


5. Tunnel Bear

TunnelBear is another awesome app to access the blocked sites. Tunnel bear comes in free & paid version. With free version you get of limit of 500 MB bandwidth to access blocked sites. Currently they are promoting tunnel bear with free 1 GB data. You can search their website for another promotion currently going on. You can use tunnel bear on one computer & two mobile phone. You can access blocked sites on you Mac, Iphone & Ipad by downloading tunnel bear. For Mac it supports OSX 10.6.8 or later & for Ipad & Iphone ios 5.0 or later. You can also access the blocked sites on android, windows xp, Windows 7 & windows 8 with Tunnel Bear. Simply go on to Tunnel Bear download page & select the correct operating system to download.

tunnel bear

6. Use Way Back Machine

Way Back machine is a website which will show you that how a website look in past. Usually people use this service to see the design & outlook of famous websites in past. You just enter the URL of website you want to visit and access blocked sites and select some old date to access that website.


7. Open Blocked Website by using Proxy in Web Browser

Another simple way to access blocked sites in college & school is through web browser proxy. You can use the proxy in your web browser and can access blocked sites.

In Chrome, first go to “Settings” -> Click “Advanced Settings” -> click on “Show Advanced Settings” in the Network. After that click “LAN Settings”. Check the “Use Proxy Server for your LAN” Check box -> Type the desired address and port number to “80″ and Click “OK”.

8. Open Blocked Sites by using  IP instead of URL

You can also access blocked sites by using IP instead of URL of the website. Some software or hardware (like routers) used to block the website by using their name (e.g. www.facebook.com or www.google.com). For this case you can find the IP of the website and open the blocked sites by using website IP address. To find the IP address of a website go to RUN prompt from your start menu and type cmd and press enter. For Windows 8, open the RUN prompt by pressing Windows Key + R.  MAC user can use terminal.

Now in command prompt enter “ping example.com” (without quote), change example.com with website you want to visit. You can also  find the IP address of website online via whatsmyip.org.

Hope this post will help you to secure your freedom. Thank you

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