Q 1-The library expects you to return each and every book that you have .........

A - lent

B - taken

C - handed

D - demanded

Answer - B

Q 2-This article tries to ....... us with problems of poor nations so that we help them more effectively.

A - acquaint

B - enable

C - convince

D - allow

Answer - A

Q 3-The skill and ease with which he repaired the machine proved that he is a/an ......... mechanic.

A - handy

B - competent

C - nimble

D - able

Answer - B

Q 4-They have decided to meet the Prime Minister in order to have their .......... heard.

A - apathy

B - sorrow

C - woes

D - agony

Answer - C

Q 5-After a recent mild paralytic attack, his movements are ....... restricted, otherwise he is still very active.

A - slightly

B - entirely

C - nowhere

D - not

Answer - A

Q 6-Freedom and equality are the ..... rights of every human being.

A - incalculable

B - institutional

C - inalienable

D - inscrutable

Answer - C

Q 7-The new industrial policy is a result of the confidence the government has in the ...... of the Indian industry.

A - maturity

B - status

C - opinion existence

D - existence

Answer - A

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