Q 1-Some people ........ themselves into believing that they are indispensable to the organisation they work for.

A - fool

B - force

C - delude

D - keep

Answer - C

Q 2-How do you expect that country to progress when her government is corrupt, ......... and still largely feudal

A - despotic

B - despotic

C - demeaning

D - dwindling

Answer - C

Q 3-The truck was .......... the traffic and the policeman asked the driver to move off.

A - obviating

B - hiding

C - obstructing

D - failing

Answer - C

Q 4-His interest in the study of human behaviour is indeed very ..........

A - large

B - deep

C - small

D - big

Answer - B

Q 5-The improvement made by changes in the system was ........ and did not warrant the large expenses

A - minute

B - marginal

C - small

D - deep

Answer - B

Q 6-He is too ...... to be deceived easily.

A - intelligent

B - strong

C - modern

D - kind

Answer - A

Q 7-There has been a ...... lack of efficiency in all the crucial areas of the working of Public Sector Undertakings.

A - surprising

B - stimulative

C - positive

D - conspicuous

Answer - D

Q 8-I will be leaving for Delhi tonight and ......... to return by this week end.

A - paln

B - going

C - likely

D - waiting

Answer - A

Q 9-Ravi's behaviour is worthy of ...... by all the youngsters.

A - exploration

B - emulation

C - following

D - trail

Answer - B

Q 10-On his sudden demise, my emotions were so complicted that it was ....... how I felt.

A - impossible

B - unimaginable

C - intolerable

D - unreasonable

Answer - C

Q 11-Two of the fugitives managed to remain free by adeptly avoiding the ........... of the police.

A - discovery

B - following

C - torture

D - pursuit

Answer - D

Q 12-Mounting unemployment is the most serious and ....... problem faced by India today.

A - intractable

B - profound

C - dubious

D - unpopular

Answer - A

Q 13-Automobile manufacturers are reviving up to launch a campaign designed to increase consumer ........ about the new emmission control.

A - education

B - capacity

C - awareness

D - production

Answer - C

Q 14-His logic ...... everyone, including the experts.

A - surprised

B - teased

C - confounded

D - defied

Answer - A

Q 15-It is not fair to cast ..... on honest and innocent persons.

A - inspiration`

B - adulation

C - aspersions

D - aspiration

Answer - C

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