Q 1-Nostalgia

A - A sort of joyful moment.

B - A sort of horror.

C - A sentimental longing for the past.

D - Excitement for the coming future.

Answer - C

Q 2-Panacea

A - A reason of the trouble.

B - A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

C - A solution of a complex problem of mathematics.

D - None of above

Answer - B

Q 3-Pantheism

A - the belief that God is not one.

B - the belief that God is one.

C - the belief that God pervades nature.

D - the belief that God do not pervades nature.

Answer - C

Q 4-Pedantic

A - A person above from material things.

B - A person needs mercy.

C - A style meant to display one's knowledge.

D - A style meant to display one's foolishness.

Answer - 

Q 5-Plagiarism

A - The practice of taking someone else's work.

B - The hobby of giving all credit to others.

C - A honorary work.

D - A work done at the cost of moral values.

Answer - A

Q 6-Platonic

A - A love meant to be a physical desire.

B - A love free from physical desire.

C - A person who can speak all languages.

D - A nation or person thinking of itself.

Answer - B

Q 7-Potable

A - Fit to eat

B - Fit to drink

C - Fit to smell

D - Fit to carry

Answer - B

Q 8-Plebiscite

A - A decision taken to please some one.

B - A decidion taken under pressure.

C - Adecision taking without public view.

D - Adecision made by public voting

Answer - D

Q 9-Red-tapism

A - Rude ruler.

B - Nice ruler.

C - Official formality resulting in delay.

D - Official formality helping in a quick action

Answer - B

Q 10-Regalia

A - The distinctive clothing worn and ornaments carried at formal occasions as an indication of status.

B - Referring to a situationwhere people are not having food but leaders are enjoying.

C - Refers to a disease.

D - Refers to God's grace.

Answer - A

Q 11-Sacrilege

A - Be a volunteer for country

B - Making a disturbance.

C - Obeying a religious order.

D - Violation of what is regarded as sacred.

Answer - D

Q 12-One who firmly believes in fate or destiny ?

A - Gratis

B - Dermatologist

C - Fatalist

D - Honorary

Answer - C

Q 13-A disease or accident which ends in deth

A - Fatal

B - Deawn

C - Fastidious

D - Illegal

Answer - A

Q 14-A supporter of the cause of women

A - Effeminate

B - Loquacious

C - Sophist

D - Feminist

Answer - D

Q 15-The Murder of Brother

A - Genocide

B - Fratricide

C - Sororicide

D - Suicide

Answer - B

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