Q 1-Amphibian

A - Animal that live in both land and sea.

B - Animal that live in sea.

C - Animal that live in land.

D - Animal that live at trees.

Answer - A

Q 2-Allegory

A - A story told by elders to younger ones.

B - A story with no moral.

C - A story that express ideas through language.

D - A story that express ideas through symbols.

Answer - D

Q 3-Axiom

A - A statement that required proofs to get it established.

B - A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established.

C - A statement which is not relevant.

D - A statement which is relevant to current situation.

Answer - B

Q 4-Belligerent

A - A nation or person thinking of itself.

B - A nation or person talking of peace.

C - A nation or person engaged in war.

D - A nation or person helping unconditional.

Answer - C

Q 5-Biopsy

A - An examination of tissue removed from a living body.

B - An examination of tissue removed from a dead body.

C - An examination of old bones.

D - An examination of old civilization.

Answer - A

Q 6-Blasphemy

A - An act of speaking for ruler.

B - An act of speaking against ruler.

C - An act of speaking for religion.

D - An act of speaking against religion.

Answer - D

Q 7-Chronology

A - The arrangement of events on the basis of even odd.

B - The arrangement of events in some algorithmic way.

C - The arrangement of events in the order of their occurrence.

D - The arrangement of events in random order.

Answer - C

Q 8-Crusade

A - A war going to happen in near future.

B - A religious war.

C - A never ending war.

D - A war of past.

Answer - B

Q 9-Ephemeral

A -Lasting for a very short time.

B - Everlasting.

C - Lasting till we wish.

D - Lasting till certain event.

Answer - A

Q 10-Extempore

A - Spoken or done with proper preparation.

B - Spoken or done without preparation.

C - Spoken or done in alone.

D - Spoken or done in front of public.

Answer - B

Q 11-Gregarious

A - Living with an aim.

B - Living without any aim.

C - Living alone.

D - Living in flocks

Answer - D

Q 12-Indelible

A - A mark that can be erased.

B - A mark that cannot be erased.

C - A mark which we can see from long distance.

D - None of above.

Answer - B

Q 13-Infallible

A - Always failing.

B - Never failing.

C - Always stopping.

D - Never stopping.

Answer - B

Q 14-Inevitable

A - Very greedy.

B - Very promising.

C - Highly uncertain.

D - Certain to happen.

Answer - D

Q 15-Interregnum

A - A period of intervals between two regimes.

B - A period of a government or regime.

C - A moment when a government fell down.

D - A moment when a new government is formed.

Answer - A

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