Q 1-Why must you look a gift horse in the mouth ?

A - welcome a gift

B - find fault with a gift

C - be fastidious

D - examine a gift carefully

Answer - B

Q 2-At one's wit's end

A - Perplexed

B - Clear Up

C - Explain

D - Enlighten

Answer - A


"Perplexed means cause to feel completely baffled.
 Example: Rahul was at his wit's end to find that his sister has failed."

Q 3-At one's fingertips

A - To take revenge

B - Matter of shame

C - Complete knowledge

D - None of above

Answer - C


All formula's of quantitative aptitude are at his fingertips.

Q 4-At the spur of the moment

A - Difficult Moment

B - Without Delay

C - Great Moment

D - Very Slow

Answer - B


It is not necessary that we should always reply at the spur of moment in interview, we should think before answer if we are not sure.

Q 5-All in all

A - Every person

B - Particular thing same in all

C - Call all at once

D - Most important

Answer - D


As she is only girl in a big family, so she is all in all in her home.

Q 6-At close quarters

A - close examinations

B - live near to each other

C - live far to each other

D - in love

Answer - A


Real friends never leave us alone in close quarters.

Q 7-Apple Pie Order

A - In random order

B - Related to fruits packing

C - Related to dry fruit packing

D - In perfect order

Answer - D


On the eve of inspection every thing was kept in apple pie order.

Q 8-Above board

A - boasting person

B - honest and straightforward

C - a man with arrogance

D - a dishonest person

Answer - B


Shikha is very popular for her above board conduct.

Q 9-As fit as a fiddle

A - Very weak

B - Recovering from illness

C - Looks fit but not fit actaully

D - None of above

Answer - D


"Means Strong and healthy
 Example: He has recovered from illness and now he is as fit as a fiddle."

Q 10-At logger heads

A - In difficulty

B - to be at strife

C - very happy together

D - None of above

Answer - B


All three brothers are at logger heads because of land dispute.

Q 11-An apple of discord

A - cause of wealth

B - cause of illness

C - cause of happiness

D - cause of quarrel

Answer - D


Land is an apple of discord between two brothers.

Q 12-At a loss

A - at a business loss

B - at a relation loss

C - to be unable to decide

D - none of above

Answer - C


I am at a loss to know what to do.

Q 13-At dagger's drawn

A - to have bitter enmity

B - to be very friendly

C - to be unknown

D - to be very familiar

Answer - A


"Enmity means The state or feeling of being actively opposed
 Example : The quarrel between two friends has grown more bitter now and they are at dagger's drawn."

Q 14-At large

A - very famous

B - not famous

C - abscond

D - very far

Answer - C


Police is trying to catch him but he is still at large.

Q 15-At sea

A - baffled

B - very happy

C - very excited

D - very sad

Answer - A


My brother is at sea in maths, he can not solve even the easy problems.

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