Q 1-Back of beyond

A - An ideal place for holidays

B - A place with certain memories

C - A religious place

D - A lonely forsaken place

Answer - D


In the back of beyond , she has found her roots.

Q 2-By hook or by crook

A - by permission

B - by any means

C - by noble means

D - by request

Answer - B


I want to win this match, by hook or by crook

Q 3-Bandy words

A - to argue

B - to request

C - to give respect

D - to be polite

Answer - A


She was doing bandy words with teacher so was punished.

Q 4-Break the ice

A - To do something with courage

B - To win a prize

C - To speak first after long silence

D - To win some one heart

Answer - C


In our staff meeting Mr. Sharma broke the ice and suggested few great ideas.

Q 5-Bad Blood

A - Wounded in scuffle

B - Bitter relations

C - Dishonest

D - Arrogant

Answer - B


Respect all religions, this is solution of bad blood between different religions.

Q 6-To make clean breast of

A - To gain prominence

B - To praise oneself

C - To confess without of reserve

D - To destroy before it blooms

Answer - C

Q 7-To keeps one's temper

A - To become hungry

B - To be in good mood

C - To preserve ones energy

D - To be aloof from

Answer - B

Q 8-To catch a tartar

A - To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty

B - To catch a dangerous person

C - To meet with disaster

D - To deal with a person who is more than one's match

Answer - B

Q 9-To drive home

A - To find one's roots

B - To return to place of rest

C - Back to original position

D - To emphasise

Answer - D

Q 10-To have an axe to grind

A - A private end to serve

B - To fail to arouse interest

C - To have no result

D - To work for both sides

Answer - A

Q 11-To cry wolf

A - To listen eagerly

B - To give false alarm

C - To turn pale

D - To keep off starvation

Answer - B

Q 12-To end in smoke

A - To make completely understand

B - To ruin oneself

C - To excite great applause

D - To overcome someone

Answer - B

Q 13-To be above board

A - To have a good height

B - To be honest in any business deal

C - They have no debts

D - They have no debts

Answer - B

Q 14-To put one's hand to plough

A - To take up agricultural farming

B - To take a difficult task

C - To get entangled into unnecessary things

D - Take interest in technical work

Answer - B

Q 15-To pick holes

A - To find some reason to quarrel

B - To destroy something

C - To criticise someone

D - To cut some part of an item

Answer - C

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