5 Tips to get 25+ marks in your sessional exam



Hello students.

In the time of sessional exams it is necessary to get good marks because sessional exam are very important to make your result better and score high percentage. So in this post I am going to tell you some tricks by which you can score 25 plus marks in your sessional exam.

so here we go….

1. Review all questions which has been done in class.

It is a good habit to make notes of the lectures given by teacher. There are 50 % of faculties who repeat 80% of the questions which has been done in the class lectures. So Just focus on your lecture notes first and half job is done. And specially in numerical subjects there are 80% of teachers who repeat questions in sessional exam. So don’t just go directly to the book first.

2. Assignments are important (Specially those which are given just before sessionals).

There are so many teachers who usually give you unit-wise assignments. Assignments are collection of questions which is generally made from main exam papers. So generally a teacher put some questions from assignment.

There are some assignments which are given just before sessional exam. Those assignments are very useful. Never miss these assignments because there is always 90% probability of 90% questions of these assignments to came in the coming sessional exam.

3. Previous Years question papers are useful.

Previous year question papers become useful sometimes. 30 % faculties (specially senior faculties) always go for the question from university exam papers.

4. Don’t forget to ask about the book which is being used by teacher.

There are some teachers who tell you that they are following xyz author’s book but there are some teachers who really hide it from students. But if you want to get good score in sessional exam you have to dig this information out. Because there are 90% of faculty who use questions from the book they are following in the sessional exam. And some times in fact most of the time 100% question are from that book. So don’t forget to check the examples and unsolved question of the “book of teacher”

There is also a point which always slips from students mind. You know that there are some books which come up with the sample papers at the end of the book. Use of these kind of books for the subject depends on the subject and the teacher. So take a look on that too..

5. Read your teacher.

All point describe above are depend on the subject teachers. So it always helps to read your subject teacher’s personality into your exam papers.

Hope it will help you to score good marks in your sessional exam.

Good Luck.

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